Declining Diversity in Higher Education

By Susan Henking The numbers say it all. Diversity is declining in higher education across the United States. I do not mean there are declining numbers of women. Nor do I mean there are declining numbers of African-Americans or Blacks, Asian-Americans or Hispanics. I also do not mean that there is a shift to a more homogenous age group attending college. As far as I can tell from various data sets, representational diversity is not declining, though access certainly remains a problem for higher education. What I mean is that the range of diversity of the higher education ecology is declining at the institutional level, and this concerns me. “We can look at the usual issues. Too expensive in terms of month-to-month living. Relative to securing viable careers for students, not worth the return on the required overall investment. And, oh yeah. Let’s not forget that the path to entering higher education is lined with generations-old booby traps hunting for women and minorities. This trend won’t get interesting until the overall student populations, not just the diverse populations, drops. Maybe then higher education will take a look at itself and see the drastic changes that are needed to meet the true needs of students. Nah, who are we kidding? Higher education, as we know it, is doomed and we could not be happier.” Read the full article here:

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