Declaring Our Independence Through Education

By Michael Roth Just tell me one thing. Will my daughter have a job and not be moving back home after she graduates from your university? That’s what a dad asked me at a Wesleyan University information session caught on film for the recent higher-education documentary Ivory Tower. Traditionally, a college degree has been a marker of independence as graduates embrace the opportunity to stand upon their own two feet, but today those receiving degrees are often riddled with debt and with doubt. When these graduates wind up back in their parents’ basements, when they feel clueless about how to enter a challenging job market, when they have no idea how to convert their classroom experience into action in the world, they exemplify the failure of the American promise that education makes you free and self-reliant. We in higher education must renew that promise by demonstrating how pragmatic liberal education provides students with greater independence and capacity for productive work well beyond graduation day. “Rather than striving for ‘pragmatic liberal education,’ why not just strive for ‘pragmatic education? Period.” Read the full article here:

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