CSULB’s Underground Music Society cultivates live music scene with off-campus shows

By Danielle Carson All they want are four walls and an outlet, somewhere—anywhere—where musicians can connect with their audience. At least that’s what Cal State Long Beach students Daniel Speer, Will Torres and several companions were seeking when they began the Underground Music Society (UMS) as a way to create a music-appreciation community on campus that they felt was lacking. “We originally started because [CSULB Associated Students, Inc.] doesn’t really know how musicians function on and off campus,” UMS President Speer says. “Right now we have Wednesday concerts at noon, and no human on earth goes to a concert at noon.” Currently, the UMS is doing as much as they can to create a true music culture on the CSULB campus, one that supports local acts and invites medium-sized touring bands to perform. But what is a club today struggled for a year to simply earn the title. The group used to throw spontaneous acoustic shows on the free-speech stage on upper campus, only to be scolded by campus officials. After finally having gained the approval of a faculty member, UMS is now an official campus organization. Legitimizing the club was only the beginning of their struggles, however. The club was hard-pressed to find places on campus where they could stage even the simplest acoustic show and the two shows they did host at the un-fitting on-campus sports bar, The Nugget, had to end at 9PM, after which the venue costs $2,000 to rent. UMS recently moved off-campus for a monthly series of acoustic shows, held on Saturday nights in the back room of the Royal Cup Café on Redondo Ave. The shows generally attract the same size crowd (around 20 to 30 people) as the Nugget shows, but attendees at the Royal Cup are interested students and community members rather than surprised sports fans. Read the full article here: http://lbpost.com/life/music/2000003576-csulb-s-underground-music-society-cultivates-live-music-scene-with-off-campus-shows

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