Is a College Education Still Worth It?

By Irving Wladawsky-Berger New York Times editor David Leonhardt recently wrote a column with the provocative title: Is College Worth It? The question has been raised by articles which note that college graduates are still struggling to find meaningful work and often end up accepting jobs for which they feel overqualified. Then we have the student debt crisis. The average student debt for college graduates is over $25,000, and the aggregate debt for student loans now exceeds $1 trillion. “What we think people tend to miss is that everything is relative. The value of any product is tied to the times and systems in which they exist. Under the current systems of our society, college is worth the expense, but just barely. In the near to intermediate future, not so much. Students need to understand that academic achievement will become a smaller part of their overall portfolio. They will need to document more business achievement if they want a real chance at landing meaningful employment.” Read the full article here:

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