Campus-wide art installations provoke thought and conversation

By Jenna Schmidt If you think art is confined to a gallery, think again. As this year comes to a close, the Biola art department is not only preparing for the appointment of a permanent department chair, as well as a university curator, but also for the increased presence of exhibitions on campus. By entering Biola’s public spaces, the art department will make the campus their gallery. Interim art department chair and professor Dan Callis described this vision as being the fruit of a conversation between the Biola community and the faculty about the intent of the Jesus mural a few years ago. “It came out of the larger year-long conversation that we had at the university level around the Jesus mural and around images of art that express identity,” Callis said. “What is the relationship between the kind of art we make and the ways we see the world we live in?” By intentionally entering public spaces and places students have certain expectations of, the department hopes to engage students in conversation not only about the art but also about themselves. “At that point, the art is a vehicle for the conversation, but it has more to do not so much with what the art means, but what the person sitting across from me thinks it means,” Callis said. “That means we’re talking about what we imagine, what we hope for, what we’re fearful of, what we think is beautiful or disturbing. It would invite conversation.” Read the full article here:

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