Britt on the beat: UW student keeps hips moving on campus

By Louis Johnson When I sat with DJ Britt in his apartment last Friday, it was obvious that both his passion for music and ear for melody were beyond his years. During our interview, he and his roommate mixed casually on their iPad-compatible turntable and mixing board plugged into two massive speakers. Songs by Lil Wayne, Drake and other artists unrecognizable to me from his 18,000 track music library were mixed until the finished product was refined to an audibly stimulating, trance-worthy original track. With each imperfection or inconsistency in the sample song, a single switch or turn of a dial from Britt’s concentrated poise changed the way I looked at all of these artists’ original works. Whether the song was a Southern rapper’s boastful lyrics turned into a trap-heavy head-bobber or an eerie soulful voice chopped and screwed until the world itself seemed to slow down, DJ Britt’s musical talent was in full force. “Britt is a great example of a student squeezing every drop of opportunity made available to him. Think about it. If you don’t make the most of every resource you have in front of you, why would anyone want to give you more opportunities that you might just sqander?” Read the entire article here:

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