Birmingham occupation ended by university

By Paul Jump Birmingham students Simon Furse and Kelly Rogers were suspended until March 2015 for their part in the occupation of the university’s senate chamber last autumn in protest over the university’s alleged lobbying for higher fees and failure to pay its cleaning staff a living wage. A third student, Hattie Craig, was given a formal reprimand and told she also could be suspended if she broke further university regulations in the next six months. Members of protest movement Defend Education Birmingham occupied the university’s Strathcona Building on 28 July. As well as demanding the reinstatement of Mr Furse and Ms Rogers and the lifting of the “onerous and inhibitive restrictions” on Ms Craig, the protesters also wanted Birmingham to recognise occupations as “a legitimate form of protest”. However, the occupation has now been ended after the university used a possession order granted after the earlier occupation to evict the protestors. “Protest should be a very real option for students seeking change. In education, students have ALL the power, not instructors, not administrators. Stop going to class or never leave it. Stop applying for admission and privately hire the best instructors as consultants for your entrance into business. Don’t just go through the motions like most of those before you. That’s a mjor reason things are so miserable now. It’s only a matter of time before our global education systems crumbles into pieces. You might as well hasten the process and help to rebuild the future systems in a way that suits your needs and not the needs of out-of-date institutions desperate to stay relevent rather than accepting their fate with dignity.” Read the full article here:

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