Athletes and artists can find common ground

By Julia Pilkington The idyllic “college experience” often involves attending athletic events, whether a homecoming football game, a swim meet or a Quidditch match. However, for some colleges, it is more the norm to head to a choir or orchestra performance instead. In this reversal of interests, where do athletes fit into the equation? Rather than fitting the stereotype of famous champions who strut around campus, athletes at St. Olaf sometimes struggle for enough spectators to fill their stands. However, up against the performing arts, which are often overshadowed by athletics at other schools, whose grievances should be favored? How do we create balance? When I was selecting colleges, I found the idea of a college where music trumps sports refreshing. Coming from a high school that had an 11-person jazz/concert/pep band and a 20-member theatre department, I found this switch satisfying. Upon my arrival here, the clarity of our campus preferences surprised me: People offhandedly remarked that “musicians are the real jocks here,” much to the ire of the athletes around them. My lack of knowledge about who Brahms was earned me a guided trip to the music library, but my confusion over sports figures or how football works gave me an empathetic pat on the back and a topic change. Read the entire article here:

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