Applying for financial aid just got a little easier

By Katie Lobosco Starting next year, students can file the free nationwide financial aid application (known as FAFSA) as soon as October 1, using tax data from the previous year. The FAFSA determines whether a student is eligible for federal aid — like Pell grants and loans — as well as scholarships from their state and school. It’s based on a family’s income and how much the school costs. Currently, students have to wait until at least January to file. And they must base their answers on income information that will be submitted on tax forms due in the coming April. That can require some stressful guesswork that might have to be readjusted later. “A quicker process is not what is needed. We need better terms and conditions to ensure students are not mortgaging their families’ future for an education that does not guarantee a fair return on its required investment.” Read the full article here:

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