Aisha Tyler on Race, Sexism and Video Games (Q&A)

By Eric Johnson In April, the Entertainment Software Association touted this figure: About 48 percent of all gamers are women. A heartening figure perhaps, but the mainstream of the gaming industry still has a sexist problem. Not to mention a racist problem. And a homophobic problem. And an anti-transgender problem too. Still, in a recent interview, actor and longtime gamer Aisha Tyler said the industry is learning — slowly, but surely. On Monday, Tyler will host Ubisoft’s press conference at E3 for the third consecutive year, helping to premiere some of the new titles the gaming company thinks will energize its base. She also made a cameo appearance in Ubisoft’s new game Watch Dogs as a non-playable character in the game’s virtual recreation of Chicago. Tyler spoke to Re/code about how she thinks the gaming world is changing as it grows more diverse. “Tyler is in a bad position, but she put herself there. Seems like she deserves a bit of scrutiny, but maybe some empathy as well.” Read the full article here:

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