31 Million in Higher Education Limbo: Some College, No Degree

By Allie Bidwell At a time when policymakers are intensifying their calls to get more students in and through college, 31 million adults are stuck in limbo – having completed some college – but not enough to earn a degree, according to a new report from the National Student Clearinghouse. The report examined the demographics and attendance behaviors of adults who enrolled in college within the last 20 years, but left without completing a certificate or degree program. Of those individuals, about 4 million – or just more than 12 percent – are potential graduates who have at least two years’ worth of progress. “Two-year degrees should be put forth more often as options for students and employers. Also, why does a degree have to be completed for academic work to be considered completed?” Read the full article here: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2014/07/29/31-million-in-higher-education-limbo-some-college-no-degree

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