City’s film industry sparks teen ambition

By Shannon Sutherland-Smith

Kids that long for the echo of applause and feel the call of the rising curtain have some terrific options for theatrical and acting day camps this summer.

Calgary is Canada’s fourth-largest filming jurisdiction. With the upcoming construction of the Alberta Creative Hub — facilities to house permanent sound stages that will be able to accommodate major film and television projects — the acting bug is liable to be quite ubiquitous this summer.

Studio 7’s summer acting camps for children and teens provide an intensive, high-energy introduction to acting for film and television teaching students to prepare for auditions, says leader Christi Day.

“Acting is not just for the outgoing,” says Day. “Even the shyest of children build up their confidence through learning to perform.

“Acting classes provide youth with a safe and fun environment to get up in front of others and attempt emotional creative expression. Through consistently challenging and surprising themselves, students develop a new positive outlook on their own strength and abilities.”

She says acting also encourages collaboration, stimulates creativity, enables emotional communication and teaches empathy.

“Acting classes teach students to embody a range of characters with personalities and histories vastly different than their own,” says Day.

“Yet to portray a character realistically, students have to find ways in which they can relate to the character’s feeling and thoughts. This practice of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes enhances a teen’s ability to empathize with people in their personal lives — such as siblings, parents and friends — in a way that is not otherwise possible.”

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