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Mental-Health Crunch on Campus

By Melissa Korn and Angela Chen

Universities are hiring more social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists as demand for campus mental-health services rises. But persistent budget gaps mean that students in some cases foot much of the cost of the positions.

Students at George Washington University will be charged an additional $1,667 in tuition next year, a jump of 3.4%. More than $830,000 of the resulting new revenue will pay for mental-health services.

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BYU student-run company wins more than $700,000

By Jordan Christiansen

Many Brigham Young University students graduating this weekend will be getting checks from family and friends to help them as they begin their new careers.

Few, however, will be getting the more than $700,000 BYU MBA student Spencer Behrend received last Saturday.

Behrend and his team won the grand prize at the Rice Business Plan Competition, which is billed as the world’s richest and largest student startup competition. KiLife Tech won prizes that included hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment funds, in-kind services such as website development and business plan software and the chance for Behrend and his team to ring the NASDAQ closing bell later this year.

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No firings at Rolling Stone over flawed story, ‘A Rape on Campus’

By Brian Stelter

Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner has decided not to take any disciplinary action against the editors or fact-checkers involved in the discredited story “A Rape on Campus.”

This means no one will be dismissed or suspended as a result of the error-filled story, according to people with direct knowledge of the decision.

Wenner believes the missteps by the magazine’s staff members — from managing editor Will Dana on down — were unintentional, not purposefully deceitful.

“Mr. Wenner had the chance to show that his publications seek the highest level of journalistic standards, thus establishing some measure of trust. Instead, he simply perpetuated the notion that he and his staff lack any real merit in terms of serving as influential members of our fourth estate. Not to mention, the upcoming lawsuits that are certain to pop up will undoubtedly expose more of the ignorance and arrogance of the Rolling Stone staff.”

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Rolling Stone to Retract Botched Rape Story as Damning Review Is Released

By Jordan Chariton

The author of Rolling Stone’s discredited “A Rape on Campus” story, Sabrina Rubin Erderly, will apologize Sunday in conjunction with the release of the Columbia Journalism School’s external review of the erroneous story, according to media reports.

Rolling Stone will also pull the story from its site and put Columbia’s review in its place, Brian Stelter reported Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” The decision to take the story down is a fairly unprecedented step in the digital media era.

“This is a prime example of a journalist on a mission for a cause, not on a mission to be a good journalist. Erdely has undoubtedly set back the cause to eradicate sexual assaults on campus as similar reports in the future will be viewed with a skeptical eye rather than with vigilance to correct a real problem. Also, publications like Rolling Stone will be much more leery to move forward with similar stories that could make them look foolish and unprofessional. This is a prime example of when we wished we were very wrong with our initial impressions. ”

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